Facebook Messenger App For iPad, Screenshots Leaked – Might Feature Skype Video Calling Feature

Facebook Messenger for iPad Leaked imagesFacebook Messenger app for iPhone hit the web somewhere around January 2012 and since then, the iPad users are waiting for the app to be released for them. I just received the screenshots of the much awaited Facebook Messenger for iPad, so thought of sharing it with my Technolism viewers. The messenger app is presently supposed to be in Beta and is reportedly a larger version of the iPhone app. However, the launch date of the app is not yet announced; I will let you guys know as soon as I get the date.

Facebook however, has the messenger app focused just for the Smartphone but the company has developed a new version especially for the Apple iPad. This version of FaceBook Messenger includes group chatting, one-to-one messaging and push notifications. The user can also check out the friend’s locations through the map using this app.

Facebook Messenger App for iPad

Facebook seems to be working dedicatedly for the entire Apple iOS operated devices. Creating the larger version for iPad app after the iPhone app is the proof. This will definitely be proved as a simple application for the iPad users providing the expediency of messaging their friends. So get ready to kick off the Facebook app and to use this amazing messenger app especially designed for the Apple iPad.

While it is unknown whether the new iPad app will have Skype calling or not, one of the screenshots released shows notifications for a “missed call” besides the Facebook video call symbol. I can’t imagine Facebook would leave such a feature out of their new tablet app, so expect to be Facebook Skyping on a iPad sometime this fall.

Skype call Notification on Facebook iPad Messenger App

Speculations say that Facebook is also working on releasing the updated version of iPhone app supporting the Skype video chat with a better chat performance. A new and updated Facebook Messenger app for Android is also likely to be released soon with a new functionality. The Facebook Messenger for Android operated devices is supposed to boast some trendy implementations.

If I am not wrong, the video chat for facebook messenger is being rumoured since last year but my resources say that it would definitely be released with this new iPad app. I wish this new iPad app also have the Skype calling feature, it would be a great flair if Facebook do so.

Facebook Messenger

All of these apps are lined-up to be released this summer. Company’s internal servers are working on the tests and trials of the apps and I got the news from some reliable sources that the messenger is working smoothly for now and will soon be scheduled to release.

Are you looking forward to these features in facebook apps for your devices?

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Shiwangi Peswani
Shiwangi Peswani
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