Google Minus – Check who kicked you out from their Circles on Google Plus

Google Plus has already become a big hit among the masses with 20 million people already using it. Google+ is the latest attempt Social Networking space by the search engine giant, Google.

Google Plus

I get multiple notifications from Google+ daily about random people adding me to their circles on G+, which works more like twitter where anyone can follow anyone and you have the option of following back the user by adding him / her to your Circles. But, when someone removes you from his/her circle, Google+ does not send you any notification. They do not want to make you feel bad about some one kicking you out of their social life 😉

If you are still interested in knowing that who removed you from the circle, so that you can take revenge if you follow them by change, I found this nice Google Chrome extension which can help you out :). It is called Google Minus.

After you install it, you will automatically get an alert pop up in top right corner of your Google Chrome browser with the information about who removed you from their circle. So, the name Google Minus is very apt and self explanatory ;). To get Google Minus tool, you simply need to install this simple extension from the link I have shared below.

Google Minus

Note: This extension can access your important data like data on all websites, your physical location, browsing history, browsing activity, list of installed apps and extensions etc.

Google Minus - Kynetx for Google Chrome

If you are fine with the warning shown above and want to know who unfriends  you on Google Plus, go ahead and install this nice extension and whenever someone removes you from their circle, it will show you a notification :).

Download Google Minus Now

However, if you are still not on Google Plus and need an invite, grab a Google+ invite from here now. If you do not know much about Google+, you would like to read the below articles:

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Install Google Minus now and do share your feedback about the Google Minus extension for Chrome.

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  1. Am I really the only one having such an awful experience with this extension? I can’t find any articles, threads, or even posts referring to a single one of the issues I’ve been dealing with so far so I guess I’m alone in this and somehow I just managed to make all the right moves in weaving this tangled web I now find myself in, but I’m really still looking for any kind of help I can get at this point, even if it’s not a known solution coming from experience, but just some hopeful and educated guesswork lol. But anyway… to the problem. Almost every time (almost) I sign into G+ with the GoogleMinus extension enabled and running I end up with a seemingly endless list of names in the extension’s box on the right side of my home page. I’m not exactly sure if it’s just every single account that either has or has had me in their circles or if the list in fact specifically emblematic of something, but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of consistent significance among any of the inclusions I’ve looked into so far. Most of the users still have me in their circles (or at least they have me in their circles at this point, but since G+ doesn’t send a notification when you’re “re-added” after being removed I guess there’s really no way to know for sure if they did actually remove me at one point) and a few do not have me circled, but I’m not even positive if they had ever circled me to begin with or if they may just be people I’ve circled without reciprocation. Regardless, I know for sure that I haven’t actually been removed by even a tenth of the people included in the list and that there is a technical issue involved. In addition, whenever I try to remove someone from the box by clicking the “X” I end up with a ridiculous amount of duplicate notifications popping up, to the point where I usually just have to log out of G+ and then log back in just because closing all of them takes so long if I’m even lucky enough for my browser to not freeze up. While this made me think that there was just a problem with my particular download of the extension and its implementation into my Google Chrome, I’ve tried disabling, reenabling, uninstalling, reinstalling, removing all other extensions, and even starting from scratch on an entirely different computer, but none of this has improved the situation which is why I’m left to believe that the problem is actually with my Kynetx account, but the account management options that they offer are of absolutely no help and I don’t really know if or how I can either reset it or just create a new one that will replace it and attach to my G+. I’ve tried this but everything just seems to become even more buggy and it’s hard to tell whether or not I’m really even accomplishing anything. Bottom line: Nothing I’ve tried so far has worked and I’m just out of ideas at this point so I figured I’d turn to the community to see if anyone has a suggestion for me. I’m just too frustrated at this point to even have a logical view of the situation and I can’t find any other apps that handle circle removal so I’m really just at a dead end. If anyone can help or even if you just want to pull something out of your ass for me I’d really appreciate it lol. Thanks for your help. And for reading/scanning all the way through this ramble.

  2. Thanks Mate, I did know of this little plugin before you mentioned it here. Very handy little plugin, thanks and heads up.


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