Top 6 Missing iPhone 4S Features

Apple launched iPhone 4S at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event held in October this year. The Apple fans were quite disappointed as everyone was expecting the launch of iPhone 5 with loads of new features and a overhauled design. While Apple added a number of new features like SIRI, iMessage and iOS5 in Apple iPhone 4S but it failed to add some features in iPhone 4S. Here, I have listed some missing features in the iPhone4S.

iPhone 4S Missing Features Overview

Still the Old 3.5” Display:

Apple didn’t change anything in display. It has got quite a small screen compared with other smart phones. It has same 3.5 inch 960 x 450 Retina display as already available in iPhone 4 which was released in 2010. But LG has announced that their latest Android phone model has 4.5 inch 1280 x 720p HD. So, Apple needs to develop the display from 3.5 inch into 4 inch or more than that.

No 4G compatibility:

The Apple iPhone 4S does not support the 4G. It does not support fastest HSPA+ network. It only supports the HSPA+ network at 14.4 Mbps on the downlink. But there are some Android smart phones which have introduced fastest HSPA+ network or WiMax or LTE. So, Apple needs to concentrate on 4G also.

No Changes to the iPhone 4 Design:

The iPhone 4S comes with the same design as its predecessor, iPhone 4 which had a glass surface. Due to this, there is more chance to break when dropped and lot of chances to crack and shatter the display. To avoid this, metal surface or any other surface which is not easily breakable would be a better choice. But Apple didn’t take any step on this issue.

NFC-integrated technology (NFC):

NFC application is absent in iPhone4S. This technology enables customers to make mobile payments at retail stores. Meanwhile Google, Visa, MasterCard, RIM, Verizon, AT&T are all going to give NFC based mobile payments. We have heard that Apple is working on NFC, but we would have to wait and watch when it is revealed – maybe we get to see it in the next version, iPhone 5.

Standard Based Technologies:

Apple does not follow the Industry Standards. For example, the International telecommunications Union has announced that all Mobile phones use the Micro USB port for charging and data transfer. But Apple iPhone 4S uses a connector which is made by apple. This means the customers need to buy a connector, they are not supposed to use old cable. It also didn’t add HDMI port which is used to share with HDTV. So if you want HDMI, you have to spend extra money on the Apple TV and stream the content wirelessly.

Battery Life:

Apple iPhone 4S has not helped in any way, to improve the battery life. As claimed by Apple at the “Lets Talk iPhone” event, iPhone 4S was expected to have at least the same battery life as the iPhone4. But, to the users’ nightmare, it was further worsened for which Apple found that the issue is with iOS 5 and released iOS 5.0.1 to fix this issue, but did not help many people. We expect iOS 5.0.2 now to be released soon.

Due to these missing features in Apple iPhone 4S, it clearly allows other smart phones to attract the customers but are you going to be influenced by those? Do comment with your choice below. 😉

This is a guest post by Tanya who is a web addict and freelance writer and loves to write about softwares and software programming.
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  1. That is why I didn’t get the Iphone 4S, instead I bought a Samsung Nexus and so far, I find it great to use!

  2. i was thinking to upgrade my iPhone4 to a 4S but now i think i’m gonna wait until the 5th generation will come, there aren’t any strong reasons to change now. thanks for the informative article to make my decision easier!

  3. I have *not* purchased the iPhone 4S, and will not do so anytime soon – because I tried out extensively (in the flagship store in Regent Street, London UK) the QWERTY keyboard that everybody admires so, and I just cannot get on with it.

    There’s only one reason that keyboard was ever invented (100+ years ago), and that’s the ability to use all 10 fingers (well, 9 to be exact, as only 1 thumb is needed). Which you can’t do with this one because it’s too small. (I’m a professional pianist, and I can’t take the piano-keyboard app seriously for the same reason: it’s a toy!)

    Since you’re going to be confined to two fingers, then the numeric-keypad approach (with T9 predictive texting, of course) makes far more sense—but it’s not available on this device, as was confirmed by discussions with several staff members at the store.

    Apps exist to do this, but they lack crucial functionality because they’re outside the iOS. Apple in its wisdom has presumably decided it must be that way. Yet a numeric keypad, integrated with iOS, that spread itself all over the superb screen ought to be a breeze to use, as it would have nice big chunky keys! What’s not to like? If Apple decide to change their minds, I’ll be their first customer.


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