Search, Copy Special Characters missing on your Keyboard: CopyPasteCharacter

Sometimes you may encounter a need for some special characters, which are not there on your keyboard by default. For developers and designers, this sometimes gets very annoying to search google for keyboard shortcuts or html code for special characters. There is a simple site using which you can easily get rid of such problems.

The site is called CopyPasteCharacter which is a very simple and a useful website. It’s basically a list of special characters that you can copy as text or html on to your clipboard and then use wherever you want to.

You simply need to click on any character that you want, and it will be copied to your clipboard. You also have the choice to copy the character as HTML or as Text. To copy more than 1 character, you can press ALT key and then copy the multiple characters you need.

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You can use Copy Paste Character to insert proper typographic characters, such as “quotation marks” and the interrobang ‽, or simply use it to spice up your e-mail messages, tweets, or text messages with h☺ppy faces, sn☃wmen or → arrows ←.

Go check out CopyPasteCharacter now and do bookmark it as it is a very useful resource and you may need it in future, if not now. 😉

The Copy Paste Character iPhone app is also available which you can download from here.

What are your views about this simple and useful website? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

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