10+ Online sources to get Apple iPad 2 (March 02) event live coverage

Update: As expected, Apple iPad 2 has been officially released by Apple. Read more about the iPad 2 features and more details below:

iPad 2 Priced at $499, starts shipping in US from March 11

iPad 2 is finally here; Check out the Features

I have already updated you about the Media Invite sent out by Apple for the launch of the Apple iPad 2. Also, we covered the various expectations you can have from this Apple official event.

With less than 11 hours to go for the event, because of the curiosity that people are having for the Apple March 2 official event, I have put across a list of blogs / websites which will be covering the whole Apple event live with all the news and updates that Apple releases.

Apple iPad 2 live event March 02

Live Blogging:

Engadget – Engadget, one of the leading tech blogs is going to cover the entire Apple event live with all the updates as soon as Apple announces them. Just go to the URL and select the Auto-refresh option as ‘On’ and do not miss any update. You can also sort the updates by ‘Newest First’ or ‘Oldest First’.

Gizmodo – Gizmodo, the leading Gadget news blog will also be covering the whole event via libveblogging. The coverage officially starts at 10:00 AM PST, but Gizmodo will be blogging before that.

CNET – CNET will be on the scene at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to bring you the news as it happens. You’ll be able to follow their liveblog using the link, where you can simply enter your e-mail address to get a reminder to come back.

MacStories – MacStories is going to start the event one hour in advance for an hour long pre-show where they will kick around iPad predictions and other related stuff. As the event starts, MS is going to consolidate all of the major announcements into a streamlined feed from everyone’s favorite websites.

iSmashPhone – iSmashPhone is holding a liveblog during the Apple event where they will be talking and chatting it up while delivering commentary on the event.

ZDnet – This blog will have live coverage and analysis of the news coming from the event as it happens. You can go to the link and sign up now to get a reminder sent to you before the event kicks off.

Technologizer – Technologizer is going to be in the audience to report on the news–be it utterly expected or genuinely surprising–as it happens. You can go to the link to request a reminder when the event starts.

MacLife – MacLife will also be live blogging the updates about iPad 2 straight from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. They are going to have an interactive live blog with the skinny on the specs, performance, UI and anything else Apple will reveal on this much anticipated event.

TheiPhoneGuru – This is another source for Live Blog of the ‘iPad 2′ Apple event at Yerbua Buena Center and will be bringing you the latest information and images from the event blow-by-blow as it happens.

Below are some additional sources where you can get the full live blog coverage of the iPad Apple event.

Boy Genius Report



Apart from the websites / blogs listed above, we at Technolism will also be covering the news about the event as it comes. So, stay tuned 🙂

Video Live Streaming:

As listed above, there are plenty of sources where you can get the live coverage of the Apple March 02 event via Live Blogs, but I was unable to get any Video source where we can access Live Streaming video of the whole event.

Unlike Google and Microsoft; Apple does not believe in live streaming its events, as we have seen in past. But Apple itself does have a page of their own to showcase events. It is possible that Apple will live stream this event owing to the hype and curiosity it has among the media and the people. Here is the page where you can check the live streaming on D-day.

Apple’s Events Page

If Apple does not live stream this event, you will definitely find the recording of the launch event on the above page uploaded after few hours of the iPad 2 event.

The event is set to take place at 10am PST (GMT-0800) on Wednesday March 2, 2011. So, bookmark your favourite website / blog from the list above or register at the links to get a reminder when the event kicks off.

Check out the timings below to see when the special event begins at your place:

08:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
11:30PM – New Delhi
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
03:00AM – Tokyo (March 2nd)

If your city is not listed above, you can see it in your timezone here.

So, be ready for the much awaited Apple event when Apple finally releases (much expectedly) the Apple iPad 2. Stay tuned for the exciting and interesting updates to follow. You can enter your email address here to Subscribe to our free newsletter not to miss any updates from the Apple event.

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  1. Actually Apple does believe in streaming their events out. The last several have been available from Apple.com for streaming a couple minutes after the official start time.
    Even before that Apple has always had the gear in place for streaming but up until recently own did the streams to Apple campuses for the employees to enjoy.

    Hopefully Apple has up’d their bandwidth so that world wide hit of everyone streaming the event gets decent speeds.
    Fingers crossed


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