Facebook’s location feature ‘Places’ goes live in the UK

Facebook’s location feature called the Facebook places is finally open for the Facebookers in UK. Facebook places has been opened to the UK one month after it went live in the US.

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This location feature of Facebook is being rolled out to the UK users gradually, which means that it may not be available to everyone immediately. To check if you have been lucky enough to get the access, you may try tapping on the Facebook Places option on your Facebook for iPhone app, or on Facebook’s mobile site touch.facebook.com. For the rest, it will be rolled out over the next couple of days.


For those who do not know what Facebook Places is, it is a simple Facebook feature that lets you check into real-world locations through your Facebook profile, similar to the functionality offered by services such as Foursquare and Gowalla. It allows you to see where your friends are, and share your location in the real world.

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Facebook privacy around this feature is a matter of concern on which Facebook again pointed out that the users have full privacy control, and that checkins are defaulted to friends only, unless, you have manually set your privacy setting as “everyone”). Also, minors will not appear in posts or checkins to anyone except their friends, and users can remove any checkin from their phone or the web.

I think Places is an awesome feature from Facebook and adds more interaction to your Social Web presence. How are you using Facebook places? If you have not yet experienced Places, point your browser to touch.facebook.com and see for yourself now. Share your views in the comments section below. You may also like to watch our Video Tutorial post on How Facebook Places works?

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  1. Is this touch.facebook.com website only for iPhone? I tried it once from my phone, but didn’t work for me. Any idea?

    • Hey Deepika,

      You also can access Places from touch.facebook.com if your mobile browser supports HTML 5 and geolocation. If your mobile supports these, it should work. Just try once again 🙂

  2. I had this on my android cell phone for A LONG TIME but it didnt actually start to work until about a month ago. I use it SOMETIMES but I am not sure I want any one knowing if my house is empty or where to find me so it isnt something I update NEARLY as much as my status. 😉

  3. Facebook is a kind of social networking that can placed in a public. Facebook in different kinds of phone; like iPhone, i pad, and etc…

  4. Amandeep,
    This sounds interesting and it sounds like something I’d like to try. Do you know if it is still available? I haven’t been able to find it.


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