Top 5 Arcade Games For Your Android Phone [Free Download]

The distinctions of mobile Application industry have been changed swiftly over past few years. Android, holding more than 70 % of market share, has changed the mind-set of people towards mobile apps, by making the platform vaster through its enormous applications which has recently crossed 0.6 million figure. But don’t you sometimes find it difficult to choose great games from such a large collection?

Here is the solution! We present to you some of the top rated and most downloaded arcade games for Android.

Extreme Road Trip

The application provides an outstanding gaming experience of driving on an iconic track with continuously depleting fuel tank and omission of brakes in vehicle at high speeds through solitary environment. This is a top notch game for race lovers offering more game modes than ever before.

Extreme Road Trip Android Game

The game begins with encountering tilting of car to keep it jumping and rolling. Execute stunts like wheelies and flip-offs to attain nitro boosts while preventing the vehicle from crashing down.

Your aim is to cover maximum possible distance with a specific amount of fuel reserve. It is an extremely addictive gameplay with awesome music and choice between nine cars having distinctive features. It features unlimited score-chase capability. [Play Store Link]

Angry Birds Space

Developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd., “Angry Birds” has been one of the most popular mobile games ever among gamers and it seems to be boosting that prestige and user satisfaction by the release of its latest SPACE version.

Angry Birds Space Android Game

The game focuses on these angry creatures finding a giant claw in wormhole to rescue their eggs while passing from various galaxies in universe. It provides 150 space levels to user with new birds, magnificent powers, fun in zero gravity, difficult-to-reach bonus stages and beautiful pictured backgrounds. [Play Store Link]

Fruit Ninja

Being a product of Halfbrick Studios, after achieving a great recognition in iOS, the application is now also available in android phones with all its fun. It is a provocative action game with lots of juicy and splatted stuff.

Fruit Ninja Android Game

The struggle to prevent fruits from getting sliced by bomb increases the enthusiasm level of gamers. All you have to do in it is, slice the fruits suspended in air in proper alignment by triggering the touchscreen of mobile and moving the blades back and forth at perfect timing.

It offers three single player modes namely Classic, Zen and the Arcade, with approach of going back to reach higher scores. [Play Store Link]

Frontline Commando

We are quite familiar with this Glu Mobile’s action oriented android program which has crossed a mark of half million downloads recently. The game deals with the fight of a single squadron against a brutal dictator, using his skills for survival.

Frontline Commando Android App

The application puts you as a soldier who has to kill all the enemies alone in battlefield. Its limited time feature makes the play more interesting and challenging. Destructible weapons blowing helicopters, jeeps and enemy areas make it more compelling and attractive. It is endowed with beautiful graphics and a real time war experience. [Play Store Link]

Subway Surfers

It is one of the most delightful games from the crustal of Kilo Games Company. It won’t be wrong saying that this app can be described by a similar popular version called “Temple Run” with little more twists, excitement and fun.

The program is based on a never ending run by a skateboard surfer, dodging trains, moving into them, making tracks on their roofs, gathering coins and collecting powers, while facing a chain of interruptions on his path.

Subway Surfers Android Game

The surfer keeps on moving forward in the game, while user can change its track from one to any of the three by smacking finger on the screen with the amazing controls. It also acquires some additional power boosting features out which one increase the number of coins gathered, another makes the character magnetic and one increases its speed. [Play Store Link]

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I hope you like the above list of action games on Android – do let us know which ones are your favourite from arcade category in the comments section below.

This is a guest post by Gene Sobolev from AndroidPIT where he writes about android entertainment apps and android arcade apps.

Are Asus Transformer Pads Good for Gaming?

Any tablet device looking to make a splash needs to offer users something special, as the mobile device market is a very competitive one, and people have got ample amount of choices available. The particular area where manufacturers want their devices to stand out is in gaming, which remains one of the most popular usages of mobile devices, and it can be argued that the Transformer Pad devices produced by Asus do offer plenty to recommend them to gamers.

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Asus Transformer Pad


A frequent complaint amongst those gaming on a tablet – even hugely successful ones like the iPad – is the absence of a physical keyboard. Thus, the option of using a docking keyboard with all Asus Transformer Pad models makes the gaming experience a bit easier. The users have the luxury to get connected through the docking keyboard and enjoy unlimited gaming all day long.


This varies depending on the model you choose, but the more expensive Transformer Pads – like the Infinity, boast a screen size and image resolution that will have even Apple getting nervous :P. The all new stunning 10.1 inch of screen size is something amazing for the gamers.

Enabling Online Games

Bigger screen size and a powerful processor are the key factors in bringing good quality to the games. Many modern games utilize increasingly sophisticated and immersive graphics; meaning the quality of screen size and resolution very important to the overall experience.

Striking Attraction

The all new TF700 comes with a striking amethyst gray finish color. The metallic back with the silver color embossed on it gives a stunning look to the device. The tablet also comes in Champagne gold color. If you think colors will intrigue and will capture your interests apart from the gaming intentions, then TF700 can be the best pick for you.


The upgrades to the original Asus Transformer (the Prime and the Infinity) both feature quad core Nvidia processors which provide gamers with virtually unbeatable graphics and processing power, making them ideal for playing 3D games – whether it is online casino ones or any other type. This processor is available with all models of the Transformer Pad now, including the budget price 300 model. Infact, this is the only product to boast a 1.7 GHz CPU and has the capability to support the PS3 and Xbox controllers.


The Micro HDMI port of TF700 and some of its other Asus versions helps the users to connect the device to monitors or big screens. It helps them to play the games and enjoy a unique experience. You can get them connected through the wired PS3 or Xbox controllers. USB compatible games can also be played. It even supports gaming through dongle devices. So, what more is awaited and it’s time for the gamers to jump into action!!!


This has been a key area where all Android devices have always been lagged behind by Apple, but more of the popular iOS games than ever are now available for Android as well. In addition, really good games are starting to be designed for Android devices like the Infinity in particular, such as Zen Pinball THD.

Google store is stuffed with brand new games that are nascent when compared with the popularity of its Apple counterpart. However, the Android games are all set to give a tough challenge to the Apple games.

The transformer pads come with amazingly sharp and clear images even on big screens when connected. It is the perfect device for the full time gamers and the money you spend on this device is rightly justified.

Do let us know what do you feel about the Transformer Pad tablet range by Asus!

This is a guest post by Raj Kumar.

How To Run Android On Your PC

The smart phone world is now booming and all thanks to Android, the only super competitor to the Apple iOS. It is well known that Android is open source. Google is going to make use of a license like Apache and GPLv2 free software to give out the source code under the project Android Open Source.

how to run android on PC

Today the key challenge faced by Android is the ARM processor on which the devices run and is very difficult to be ported in order to run on something else. A new project Android- x86 has made it successful for Android devices to run on x86 platform inclusive of mouse support and networking. The project is under testing as it is now working on the Ice cream Sandwich model. Here, we will be discussing the installation of Android 2.2.

Android 2.2

This device runs on the Intel x86 hardware. Presently, an older version of Android is being run on the virtual machine which is safe and maximizes functionality and the newer versions can be tested if this is successful. The VirtualBox was installed on the running arch AMD Linux system. It is seen that Android performs better on Intel hardware but the AMD machine also works with just a few warnings popping up. The ICS runs only on the Intel x 86 hardware.

Running the Android OS on Your PC

running android OS on your PC

Having the ISO downloaded in the Android 2.2 you can launch the VirtualBox and then click the button ‘New’. The OS is set to ‘Linux’ and the version to ‘Other Linux’.

The next step after creating the machine is to go to settings and check for the activation of ‘Enable PAE/NX’ on your CPU. Clicking on the ‘storage’ page is done to add a secondary device to the ISO image.

Click on the ‘Add a new attachment’ option and add Android 2.2. a dropdown menu would appear by clicking on the disc icon present on the right side where you have to select ‘ Choose virtual CD/DVD disk file’. This completes the configuration. Finally click on ‘OK’ and then the ‘Start’ option. Android 2.2 boots up the virtual machine.

Lastly, you have to click the Ctrl key to select ‘Disable mouse integration’. Clicking on the virtual machine will make the mouse to appear enabling sliding of the padlock icon to enter OS.

Booting Android

How to Boot Android on PC

The absence of an optical drive makes the ISO image to be written on a USB stick which will be booted on machine and Unetbooting is used here. After inserting the USB stick Unetbootin is launched.

The bootable data is converted and written on the USB stick and will take just a few minutes. Now the machine can be turned on which will enable Android to be booted.

In the menu now select ‘Run Android x 86 without installation’ option to test OS. Booting of Android takes some time and the starter wizard appears which enables the hardware to be synced with Google account. The applications are then launched from the matrix icon seen on the top right side.


Android Configuration for PC

The settings panel is found as you click on the clock icon and then the ‘No Internet connection’ icons. Click the Wi-Fi option to get it working and scan the available networks with ‘Scan’ option. Check that the Bluetooth PAN connection is enabled. Network must be connected after the laptop and Android device are paired.

I hope this quick tutorial helps you in running Android on your PC. In case you come across any issues while setting it up on your PC, feel free to give us a shout and we will be happy to help!

How To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android Phone

The two most favorite brands in the cell phone market today, the iOS and Android have been providing the users with new things with each passing day. If the former one comes forward with the latest iPhone 5 in the coming months, Android is ready with its ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you now own an iPhone and have decided to make the move to your next smart phone powered by the new Android OS, then its time that you must know what you have to do to make your Android device compatible as well as serve your purpose. We have already covered ways to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone here and here. In this post, I am going to help you transfer all your data from your existing iPhone to an Android Phone.

Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android Phone

How to Copy Data from iPhone to Android Phone?

There are a few ways through which you can transfer all your data to the newly bought Android from your iPhone. But you have to be very selective in choosing the option for transferring your data from iPhone to the Android device.

Like, if you want to sync your audio and video files, you can go via the simplest way to have them transferred from your PC or laptop directly through the USB cable to your Android phone. There are many more ways that can be used for the transferring the data from the iPhone to the Android.

I. Use Gmail to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The Android device uses Gmail for various purposes. As the OS itself is made by Google, it surely has much functionality added to it. For using this method, you need to make sure that the default email client has been selected in the device.  This is anyways the first thing you need to do while you are setting up the newly purchased Android phone.

Next, you need to sync your iPhone to your PC with the iTunes. To transfer data from iPhone to Android, below are the steps you need to follow.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC using the USB cable
  • Open iTunes on your PC and select the Info tab
  • Check the ‘Sync Contact With’ option and from the drop down menu, select the ‘Google Contacts’ option
  • Go to Configure and enter your Google Username and Password
  • Your contacts will get moved to the Google account of yours, from where you can easily migrate your data to your Android phone.

II. CSV File Method to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Another method, though this one is a bit complicated, includes you to create a sync of your contacts with Windows and then with Google, and for this you need to create a CSV file. Below are the steps in this process:

  • Connect your iPhone or any other iOS Device via USB to your PC
  • Open iTunes, select your phone and click the Info tab
  • Check the ‘Sync Contacts with’ option and select ‘Windows Address book’ from the drop-down menu
  • Open the Windows Address book, where you can find all your contacts
  • Follow the steps, File -> Export -> Other Address Book and Select text file
  • Select a name for the CSV file and select the device
  • Go to your Google account and access the CSV file to upload it there
  • Once the import is done, just sync in your Android device with your Google contacts
  • Your contacts will now be available in your Android Powered Phone

III. Use Synkcontact to Transfer Data

This app is available for use in both the iPhone and Android devices. All you have to do is download the app on both the devices from here and install it. In your iPhone, open the app and upload your contacts. You will be provided with the name and password of the file uploaded.

Now, when you have installed and opened the app on your Android, you can easily download the file and merge it to your contact list by providing the name ad password of the file that you created on your iPhone.

IV. Transfer SMS from your iPhone to Android Phone

To have a back-up of your SMS and other messages, there isn’t any application from the house of Apple, thus you have to depend on some third party software. There are a few software available to do the same, in the market. You can download one from the SMS Export. Simply download the app and install it on your PC. Now, you need to have the same software on your iPhone from the App Store which is available at a price of $4.99. Get the back up of all your messages into a text file over your PC through this software.

Download the Android App ‘SMS Migrator’ from here and install it to your Android phone. Place the text file from the PC to the SD card of the Android and access the same over the app SMS Migrator. The app will do the rest of the work by providing you with the texts that you had over the iPhone.

For the rest of the stuff, you simply have to get them from the PC where they are already present in the iTunes library. Select and download them from the PC with the help of the USB cable. It is as simple as transferring media files to the pen drive or flash drive.

Android is though rumored to be strictly against the word Exchange, but if you know the right kind of procedure, you are on the move to have the back up from your iPhone of all the data present there.

We hope that this tutorial on how to transfer your iPhone data to Android helped you. If you still have any questions about the transfer when switching platforms from iOS to Android or vice versa, or are stuck in any of the steps mentioned above, drop us a note in the comments section below and we would be happy to help.

KegDroid – Android Based Beer Dispenser

What would it be like when a robot serves beer to you, depending on your needs and taste? Well, it is possible now with new Kegdroid, an advanced technology based beer dispenser developed by Paul Carff. Paul Carff , a senior developer at Google along with David Sainte Claire, a software engineer has come up with a tool to dispense beer.

Kegdroid - Android Beer Dispenser

What is KegDroid?

KegDroid is a  beer dispensing robot powered by Android ICS and looks like an Android Robot.

How was it developed?

Both the Google employees took a Motorola Xoom tablet and linked it with a beer dispensing robot that looks similar to Android. They then linked it in accordance with NFC integration to make a new breed called KegDroid. The Motorola Xoom tablet runs on the latest version of Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. The touch display of this version of Android allows the users to choose the beers of their choice and taste. It looks almost like Android Robot with a big touch screen making it very attractive.

How KegDroid works?

It only works after authorizing the user which is checked by NFC interface scanner over the table – a user is given with a badge to use it. You just have to scan the badge over it to pass the scan and it will show the username on top of the screen. Each badge is given with special Google+ identification.

Here is a video of how the Kegdroid Beer Dispenser works:

There are several types of options which can be seen on the main menu screen, the right side of screen shows the “select your beer” option where you can select the type of beer according to the brand and type. Each beer is given a rating out of 5 stars and classified into categories of alcohol rate, brands and taste.

After selecting the beer, users need to choose the quantity of beer they want by selecting 1 Oz, 8 Oz to 12 Oz and then press the “pour” option. Flow sensors and solenoid valves control the flow of beer and are connected to the Motorola Xoom and NFC integration software and hardware. The operation of flow is still not the perfect but is not bad either.

This beer dispenser will take care that no one else drinks beer from Kegdroid without your permission as it will accept only  authorized badges. The KegDroid also shows the temperature of its own on the bottom right corner and the speed of the pouring beer. It’ll be perfect for bars and offices, even beer lovers can have it installed in their homes.

What do you think about this advance technology keg?

5 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets Under $200

Android as an operating system suits tablet PCs and Smartphones. On August 17, 2005 Google acquired Android Incorporation and the first phone to be commercialized under Android was HTC dream. Android has come a long way since then. Its latest version, v4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich is creating a buzz in the market. We, therefore have compiled a list of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets under $200. Have a look at the list below and decide which one suits your budget.

List of Android 4.0 ICS Tablets Under $200

Micromax Funbook

Micromax Funbook photos, price

This Indian tablet  is much lower in price but is equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Fully installed with several study materials and educational stuffs, this tablet has a 1.2 Ghz Cortex A8 processor and 3D Graphics along with 512MB RAM, Battery 2800mAh, 0.3 megapixel camera. You can own Micromax Funbook tablet at 121.70 USD (Approx.)


HCL ME U1 Price, Photos and Features

The beautiful and sleek HCL ME U1 is a tablet run by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It has a resolution of 800 x480 pixels, a RAM of 512MB, 7 inch capacitive display. It supports 3G connectivity via USB modem and has USB and mini USB ports. It also possesses a micro SD card slot and is priced at 149.97 USD.

Zync Pad Z990

Zync Pad Z990 Price and Features

Zync Pad Z990 tablet too runs on Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System and has a very good and simple GUI. This low budget tablet is run by a 1.2 GHz processor and has a 1GB RAM and a 0.3 megapixel camera and has 3G support and several media and external keyboard support enabled. It comes with a price tag of 168.55 USD.

Karbonn Smart tab 1

The price of Karbonn Smart Tab 1 tablet lies with in the range of $200 and this tab is worth spending money. It has a Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g/h wireless protocol, a 3700 mAh battery. It also has USB and HDMI ports and is powered by 1.2 GHz CPU and run on Android 4.0.5 ICS. You can own this wonderful tablet just by paying 131.23 USD (Approx.).

iBerry BT07i

iBerry BT07i Price and Features

iBerry BT07i runs on Android 4.0 ICS and is equipped with 1.0GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and sports a 7″ Widescreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio. It has an internal memory of 4 GB and a RAM of 512 MB. iBerry BT07i is available at the price tag of 149.77 USD (Approx.).

Several other low cost Android 4.0 ICS tablets are coming up soon. Some of them are the NOVO7 Paladin which is expected to be priced at $89, the Viewsonic Viewpad e70 (expected at $169.99), Archos 80 G9, Coby MID 7042 ($179), Argos Skypad Alpha2 ($199), X10 Airpad 7p ($149.99), Xvision and more.

So cheer up and visit your nearest gadget store to try these our and buy one for yourself today.

By the way, which one is your best choice out of the above listed 5 budget Android Tablets?

Budget Android 4.0 Device Sony Xperia ST21i ‘Tapioca’ Leaked

The pictures of all-new budget Android 4.0 device Sony Xperia ST21i has arrived on the internet. This new add-on in the Sony Experia line up is yet in an unannounced status though. Sony will soon bring this budget level addition of Andoid 4.0 devices in market.

Sony Xperia ST21i Android 4

As per the pictures leaked on internet Sony Xperia ST21i Tapioca is quite similar to the typical Xperia models from Sony but a significant difference noticed is the display of the phone which is quite different from rest of the chassis.

This budget Android device brings a 3.2-inch, 480×320 display and is said to be power-driven by a single-core Qualcomm 800MHz processor. Sony Xperia Tapioca will come with an inbuilt 512MB RAM. The new phone from Xperia series will bring a 3MP camera with a capacity of capturing 640×480 video. The camera has no LED flash though.

Speculations all over the market say that the new Sony Xperia ST2i will have a floating touch interface. This interface would be featured on Sola. The Sony Xperia Tapioca along with being a budget Android phone is the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the OS from Google. The speculated reports also state that the Sony Xperia ST2i will boast all the advantages of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony has not yet released any further details of this device but there are many speculations in the market regarding its launch and specs. The phone is expected to arrive in the European market in the month of July and the Xperia ST21i Tapiocs is expected to be priced at $199 (€150).

Sony has also lined up a few more of Xperia devices named Xperia P and Xperia U. These Xperia devices will be launching with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. These phones are scheduled to be released by later this year.

What do you think about the Xperia ST21i and the floating touch technology it comes with?

10 Most Useful Android Apps For Business Owners

The popularity of Android phones is creating new dimensions day by day and is topping over all the corners of the globe with various latest innovations in device applications. Android has become one of the most preferred choices for mobile enthusiasts and business people worldwide.

We have already shared with you the best Android Apps from different categories. You can check them out below.

In this post, we have listed some of the best Android Apps for Business owners. Business Android Applications enable you to track the major business happenings all round the world right from the click of your smart phone. Today, Android market is growing at a  faster speed and a number of exclusive paid as well as free apps are available to suit the needs of business users and to increase the business productivity.

Android Apps for Business Owners

The highly advanced Android Apps accommodate high-end technology that expands your business to new heights and make your life a lot easier. Hereby I have documented the best 10 free Android apps for your business.

1. Dropbox: It is a great Android app that enables you to manage your files in synced folders. This mobile application allows you to have an easy access to all your files and data from any desktop or mobile device having Dropbox running in it. With 2 GB of free storage, Dropbox is undoubtedly an excellent Android application to run your business smartly.

2. Camcard Lite : It works as an address book app for Android and allows you to take a quick snap of your business card with your built-in camera. The app automatically imports all the contact information including name, address, phone number and emails into your address book for future use.

3. DroidAnalytics : It is an excellent Android app to visualize your analytical data and statistics in a faster way. You can see daily or weekly or yearly stats for viewing your pages by visitors.

4. Springpad : It is one of the latest business apps in the world of Android cell phones. This app enables you to save data in a virtual notebook and pulls in important data from other websites also. Thus, you can take immediate action on your list with the help of this app.

5. Jorte : It is a personal organizer app that dispels calendar into weekly or monthly view. Jorte app holds some of the great features such as import and export of to-do data, Google maps interaction and Google voice controller. It is also a great tool to see all the important schedules at a glance.

6. Remember the Milk : It is a wonderful free Android app to perform mobile task management. You can add or check tasks, organize future tasks and also get alerts when you are near a location where the task is scheduled to get completed. The web interface of the app integrates it with Gmail, Twitter and others.

7. Voice Recorder : This easy to use free Android app is quite beneficial to record voice or songs or talks on the go. You can send the generated MP3 file directly to your Gmail account as attachments. Moreover, you can also search for recordings according to name and date and can set your recordings as your Android ringtones also.

8. Expense ManagerThis is a wonderful free Android app to manage all your business expenses on the go. You can keep a track of your weekly, monthly or annual incomes and expenditures and can also schedule and recur payments with Android Expense Manager.

9. Evernote : This is an Android notebook app that allows you save your ideas, text, images and sound. Now capture ideas, take notes, click photos, record sounds or create to-do-lists; everything is so simple with this free Android Evernote application. In short, itís a good alternative for a good memory.

10. Dolphin Browser : This is really a great browser app that comes with the features of multi-tab browsing, bookmarking, multi-touch commanding and syncing. This free of cost Android app supports multiple of add-ons and is a wonderful app to promote your business productivity.

This is a guest post by Ilya Elbert.

Top 5 Android Facebook Apps for 2012

facebook-android-appsFacebook is the most popular social networking website that is changing and adds something new almost everyday. Similarly, the Andriod market is also growing day by day as this OS is giving a lot of user friendly applications. Facebook for Android allows you to update status, share, add photos, connect with your friends, checkout their statuses and photos from your Android device. Google’s Android market has countless and a variety of Facebook applications, all equally user-friendly and easy to use.

We have already shared with you Top Free Printing Apps for Android and Best Free Bluetooth Android Games. Now, let us look at the promising five android facebook apps for 2012.

1. Go Chat


Go Chat Facebook (Android) is the top rated and the best chat application for Facebook.

Facebook users can talk with their friends via Facebook Chat using this app. It is the most preferred one among users as it gives a good chat experience. Go Chat comprises of many and a variety of features that have helped it score high. Here’s the list of the awesome features which the app carries itself.

  • At first, this app provides easy and secure Facebook chat login.
  • An absolutely free app and needs only an internet connection or WiFi.
  • Send messages also when contact turns Offline and the message shall reach the member’s Facebook message Inbox.
  • Send photos, video, voice notes over the chat.
  • Swap conversations with gestures.
  • Choose to use your choice of Smileys.
  • Share images and location.

Apart from the above, Go Chat plugin is available to send messages instantly and facilitate offline chat. [Link: Go Chat]

2. ES File Explorer

ES File ExplorerAndroid

ES File Explorer apps enables easy sharing of files with Facebook Android. The ability to browse network servers and online FTP is great. The interface is user friendly with easy navigation and the app supports 18 languages. With ES File Explorer, you can manage all your files and folders with ease. [Link: ES File Explorer]

3. MyChatDroid


myChatDroid for Facebook created by Bruno, is a very simple chat application. It connects your Android device to Facebook Chat. Some of the great features about myChatDroid are the Emoticons, ability to add clickable links in the chat messages, automatic reconnection after connection loss, sound alerts/led notifications on new messages and messages history are recoverable after restart or disconnection. [Link: MyChatDroid]

4. Funny Status


The Funny Status App has received a good response from Facebook members. This App lets members to select a funny status from the available 1500+ statuses and post it as their status on the Facebook profile. People can respond to the funny status by way of comments or likes. [Link: Funny Status]

5. FriendCaster

FriendCaster for Android Facebook

FriendCaster is yet another popular and complete app for Android Facebook. It is the only full Facebook app that includes advanced photo editing and effects. FriendCaster has a lot of features that are worth mentioning.

The app is more secure with enforced SSL encryption. Users can manage their friends by adding new people, removing friends, as well as adding desired friends as their favorites.With regards to photos and video, users can upload multiple photos and video and make use of the filters and enhancements available. Users can view their Events and Groups, set the RSVP status and add photos and video to their own group. Users can choose and apply from a range of dark and light themes available to them. [Link: FriendCaster]

Author Bio:

This is a guest-post by Katherin Annie. Katherin, the author of this blog post has shared her thoughts on software, mobile technologies, deal websites as a regular guest blogger.

Top 3 Free Printing Apps for Android

In the last 1 year or so, the sales of Android Smartphone’s have seen a sudden boom, but, for the right reasons. The most important reason is the drastic increase in productivity that the user experiences after installing a couple of free applications from the Android’s official App Marketplace.

These productivity increasing applications help manage time in a much better way which in turn results in more efficiency. This is the premier reason why the businessmen & students have also started buying Android Smartphone’s/Tablets which is one of the main reasons of Blackberry’s slow & sad demise from the Smartphone market.


Since, Android enables you to make and edit a lot of documents on the go; you might also feel some ease upon discovering that printing documents & pictures right from your Smartphone is as easy as saying 1-2-3. All you need is a wireless printer & a corresponding driver application which can be downloaded for free from the Android market.

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Below are the Top 3 Printing Applications for Android which can be downloaded for free from the Android Application Marketplace.

HP ePrint Home & Biz

HP ePrint is inarguably the best printing application for Android. It comes from the largest & the best printer manufacturers in the world. Below are some features:-

  • Wirelessly print most digital content to HP Inkjet & selected LaserJet printers.
  • Flawlessly print Word documents, text files, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint’s, PDF’s & Pictures.
  • Automatic printer set-up – discover and set-up your wireless printer without installation of drivers and without dealing with complex network configuration.
  • Photos can be printed in a whole lot of sizes. You can select the size at the time of sending the print command to the printer.

Although it supports over 200 different printer models, you may want to check if your printer is compatible or not. To do so, head over to Hewlett-Packard’s official website.

Samsung MobilePrint

Samsung MobilePrint is a free application which allows you to print photos, documents & website pages directly from Smartphone or tablet.

  • It has an easy to use application interface.
  • Print from Google Docs application installed on your Smartphone/tablet.
  • Scan documents & photos directly to your mobile device.

For a list of compatible printer models, visit the app’s homepage.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

Canon Printers have long built a reputation of being the best printers for printing high-quality pictures flawlessly. Now, you can do the same right from your mobile device just at the click of a button.

  • Print 39 pictures at a time & select a custom number of copies for each picture.
  • Easily scan photos & documents (as PDF’s) directly to your mobile device.

The only drawback of this application is that it currently only supports printing of photos & PDF documents.

For a list of compatible printers with this application, visit its homepage.

Other Useful Android Applications for Printing

So, which of the applications listed above do you use? Or do you use any other application? Let us know in the comments section below.

This is a guest post by Abhishek Bhardwaj.