New “Life Saving” Organ Donor Option by Facebook

Facebook is no doubt the biggest social networking website today that plays an important role in connecting people all across the globe. Since its beginning, Mark Zuckerberg, the brilliant CEO of Facebook has taken great endeavours to make the site one of the most popular and vast social networking platform. And recently he has taken a step … Read more

Facebook’s location feature ‘Places’ goes live in the UK

Facebook’s location feature called the Facebook places is finally open for the Facebookers in UK. Facebook places has been opened to the UK one month after it went live in the US. This location feature of Facebook is being rolled out to the UK users gradually, which means that it may not be available to … Read more

[How to] invite all your friends to Facebook Page or Group?

When I started the Facebook Page for Technolism, I wanted to invite all my friends to the page but unfortunately, Facebook does not provide the option to invite all the people in your friend list in one go which means you have to select your friends one by one and then invite all of them. … Read more

[How To] tag friends on your Facebook Status Message?

Some time back, we shared the importance of having a Facebook Like button on your Blog or Website. Facebook is soon becoming a rage among masses with the other social networking sites like Orkut losing fans at the hands of Facebook. Everybody wants to update their status to reflect their thoughts and feelings, their achievements, … Read more