Free Summarizer to Shorten Any Text Online in a Few Seconds

March 11, 2013
Free Summarizer

How many times does it happen; you find an informative article online and because it is quite lengthy, you end up not reading it, just because you were running out of time? It happens to me a lot of times, and in situations like this, I make use of the ‘reading list’ on my Mac, and later continue reading the article on iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can […]

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50 Quick Social Media Marketing Strategies

August 31, 2012
Social Media Use

When Friendster and MySpace first came out, many entrepreneurs and professionals considered networking a mere fad for teens. But they changed their notion on creating connections online when other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, emerged and became popular. Nowadays, they see these channels as great means of conversing with a global audience and promoting their businesses. So, whether you are a retailer or marketer looking for innovative and creative ways of advertising to your […]

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Recovering From A Google Penguin Attack

July 31, 2012
Google Penguin Update - Web Spam Algorithm

It’s tough but it can be done. I have known many blog and website owners simply giving up after the Google Penguin attack. Panda was bearable in comparison. This post is about how you can survive and recover from this massive web-cardiac failure. Cleaning up your act Google Penguin is about spammy stuff – both content and inbound links. Recently, a friend of mine had to undergo the surgical operation of cutting out spammy content. […]

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Common Mistakes Made In Website Designing

July 13, 2012
Common Mistakes Made by Web Designers

Nowadays, it has become quite easy for one and all to grab expertise in any field. One needs to make just few searches and watch some ‘How-to’ videos to do anything. However, it is not that simple. One of the most common breed of people growing by reading self-help eBooks are those claiming themselves to be web designers. Web developers think that a domain, web space and knowledge on HTML are what one would require […]

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WordPress 3.4 “Green” is Out With Theme Customizer, Custom Headers and Twitter Embeds [Intro Video]

June 13, 2012
Wordpress 3.4 "Green" - Theme Customizer, Custom Headers, HTML support to image captions, Embed individual tweets in posts

WordPress Team just now announced the next major upgrade of the leading blogging CMS – WordPress 3.4 dubbed as “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green. WordPress 3.4 “Green” includes significant improvements to theme customizations, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions. For the first time, WordPress team has put up a a short clip which introduces you to the top features you’ll want to know about. Main Features of WordPress 3.4 “Green” Theme Customizer – The […]

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WordPress Themes for Different People – Developers and Users

May 29, 2012
DIYThemes for Wordpress - Thesis

Why is WordPress a great blogging platform? There are many reasons, out of which ease of use is probably the primary one. WordPress blog can be set up in a jiffy and someone with miniscule technical knowledge can get going. In addition, the variety of themes and plug-ins makes this platform attractive. However, while selecting themes you must first decide whether you are developer or mere a user. What do I mean by this? Difference […]

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The Subtle Difference Between Google Panda And Penguin

May 14, 2012
Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

There seems to be a tsunami of Google attacks on unwary and unsuspecting blog and website owners. Those who have escaped the fury are a happy lot. Those who got mauled are wondering what hit them. Most people assume that the Panda is the culprit mainly because this update has been in the news. But many are unaware that the new Penguin update is more dangerous and ugly. Check out our earlier posts about the […]

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Top Ten Social Networking Sites For Writers And Bloggers

May 6, 2012