Two iPhone 5 Flaws that Show How Much we Miss Steve Jobs

Ever since Steve Jobs left his legacy at Apple, people have been asking, what would Steve Jobs do? Now that the iPhone 5 has been on the market for the past four-or-so months, people are still asking, what would Steve Jobs have done differently to fill in the gaps from missing features in iPhone 4S? … Read more

What will happen to Apple if Steve Jobs leaves? [Infographic]

When any leader is deeply connected to a company, he can impact the whole organization in many ways. A very good example is Steve Jobs and his association with Apple. Now, just imagine if Steve Jobs leaves, what would happen to Apple? I do not see any charm if the future iPhone or iPad launches … Read more

Watch full Apple March 02 – iPad 2 launch event Video Stream Online

As I mentioned in one of our last posts where I listed many sources that covered the whole Apple iPad event via live blogging, “If Apple does not live stream this event, you will definitely find the recording of the launch event on the above page uploaded after few hours of the iPad 2 event.”, … Read more

[How To] capture a picture of your iPhone screen without installing any additional Application

How do you take an HD quality screenshot of your iPhone or iPod touch without downloading any screen capture application for iPhone or using an external camera? This was the question on my mind some time back when I ended up checking the information about this on the official Apple iPhone Tips page. Check out … Read more

Apple’s iPhone 4 Retina display gets competition from upcoming ‘Sharp’ Android Smartphone

When Apple announced its latest iPhone 4 in June 2010, Steve Jobs boasted of the unique display of the iPhone 4 as “the highest resolution display ever in a phone,” which they codenamed as the Retina display. The iPhone 4, which was able to book in a record number of 600k pre-orders on the very … Read more

Apple iPhone 4G announced; this time its Real

We have been reading about the leaked iPhone Prototypes and images splashed all over the internet for quite sometime now. This happened when one of the Apple engineers left it at a bar in California. These incidents have been making the launch of the latest iPhone 4G a rage among the masses. The iPhone 4G … Read more