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How To Run Android On Your PC


The smart phone world is now booming and all thanks to Android, the only super competitor to the Apple iOS. It is well known that Android is open source. Google is going to make use of a license like Apache and GPLv2 free software to give out the source code under the project Android Open Source.

how to run android on PC

Today the key challenge faced by Android is the ARM processor on which the devices run and is very difficult to be ported in order to run on something else. A new project Android- x86 has made it successful for Android devices to run on x86 platform inclusive of mouse support and networking. The project is under testing as it is now working on the Ice cream Sandwich model. Here, we will be discussing the installation of Android 2.2.

Android 2.2

This device runs on the Intel x86 hardware. Presently, an older version of Android is being run on the virtual machine which is safe and maximizes functionality and the newer versions can be tested if this is successful. The VirtualBox was installed on the running arch AMD Linux system. It is seen that Android performs better on Intel hardware but the AMD machine also works with just a few warnings popping up. The ICS runs only on the Intel x 86 hardware.

Running the Android OS on Your PC

running android OS on your PC

Having the ISO downloaded in the Android 2.2 you can launch the VirtualBox and then click the button ‘New’. The OS is set to ‘Linux’ and the version to ‘Other Linux’.

The next step after creating the machine is to go to settings and check for the activation of ‘Enable PAE/NX’ on your CPU. Clicking on the ‘storage’ page is done to add a secondary device to the ISO image.

Click on the ‘Add a new attachment’ option and add Android 2.2. a dropdown menu would appear by clicking on the disc icon present on the right side where you have to select ‘ Choose virtual CD/DVD disk file’. This completes the configuration. Finally click on ‘OK’ and then the ‘Start’ option. Android 2.2 boots up the virtual machine.

Lastly, you have to click the Ctrl key to select ‘Disable mouse integration’. Clicking on the virtual machine will make the mouse to appear enabling sliding of the padlock icon to enter OS.

Booting Android

How to Boot Android on PC

The absence of an optical drive makes the ISO image to be written on a USB stick which will be booted on machine and Unetbooting is used here. After inserting the USB stick Unetbootin is launched.

The bootable data is converted and written on the USB stick and will take just a few minutes. Now the machine can be turned on which will enable Android to be booted.

In the menu now select ‘Run Android x 86 without installation’ option to test OS. Booting of Android takes some time and the starter wizard appears which enables the hardware to be synced with Google account. The applications are then launched from the matrix icon seen on the top right side.


Android Configuration for PC

The settings panel is found as you click on the clock icon and then the ‘No Internet connection’ icons. Click the Wi-Fi option to get it working and scan the available networks with ‘Scan’ option. Check that the Bluetooth PAN connection is enabled. Network must be connected after the laptop and Android device are paired.

I hope this quick tutorial helps you in running Android on your PC. In case you come across any issues while setting it up on your PC, feel free to give us a shout and we will be happy to help!

Broadband Hack – How to Increase the Speed of your Internet Connection


Broadband internet connection is the ideal thing for anyone accessing the internet in the modern-day. With a fast broadband internet connection, companies are able to reliably communicate with each other in a faster means and internet users find it convenient browsing from their homes.

The speed of the connection can vary greatly, so it is important to carefully select DSL service providers. And many a times, even though you have got a great Broadband provider (ISP), broadband can become slow when the user does some certain things on the computer. While this can be reversed, it takes some steps which are unknown to many internet users out there.

Increase Broadband Internet Connection Speed

We have already shared with you some effective ways to speed up wireless broadband Internet connection; in this post, we talk about your internet connection in general. If you’ve noticed that your broadband internet connection has stopped browsing as fast as it used to be, then you might need to follow the tips in this post.

Tips to Overcome the Issue of Slow Internet Connection

Remove Temp Files and Cache

Temporary internet files, otherwise known as Temp Files, are often downloaded from pages of websites you visit regularly and stored on your computer’s browser to optimize the loading speed of the said website. While this will help make certain websites load faster on your computer using the old images that were downloaded and stored to enhance its loading speed, it will not make your internet browser respond better to new websites.

Now, considering that websites today are being updated regularly, the Temp Files and cache your internet browser has downloaded will only make the loading speed of your internet become dragged, which will result in you having a slow internet connection.

Remove the temporary files that are stored on your browser by pressing “crtl+shft+del” on your keyboard and selecting “Everything” from the option.

Stop Sharing of Internet Connection

Sharing becomes an option when there are two or more computers ready to connect to the internet while there’s just a single means of internet connection, such as an internet ready modem. The user with the internet ready modem can generously allow other users to connect to the internet through his computer by broadcasting their wireless network which enables others to connect wirelessly to the internet.

The benefit of sharing is that you use a single internet ready modem to get more computers to connect to the internet, but the disadvantages are more. Below are a few of them:

  • Internet Becomes Slow
  • Host computer suffers quick battery run-down
  • Causes host computer to overheat

With the disadvantages you get from sharing, your network will always perform slowly.

Detect and Stop Background Internet Consuming Software

Finally, one good way to tackle a slow broadband internet connection is to try and detect any internet consuming program running in the background. These programs are usually designed to communicate to their server using the internet without the consent of the computer user, thereby causing the internet connection the computer is using to drag.

To detect any program running in background on your computer, just run the windows Task Manager by right clicking on the Taskbar in windows and click “Start Task Manager”. A list of programs running on your computer will be displayed in the task manager and you can choose which you want to end.

Do let us know if these simple tips help you in speeding up your internet connect. Also, do share with us tips and tricks you are using to tackle this issue of slow internet connection.

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This is a guest post by Alan Rita. Alan is a freelance writer who focuses on guest blogging to promote her site.

How to Increase the Number of Followers on Pinterest


As an old adage goes, “People of same feather flock together” so is this new place in the virtual world of socialization. Pinterest, which is a big platform for all the people across the world who share common passion or have similar interests, and harbor the same hobbies to interact and share information. The question running in your mind now would be – How?

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Pinterest - How to increase followers

Pinterest provides you with a virtual soft board on which you can pin documents, images, videos or any other stuff which you want to share with others.

Followers from all over the world can see this stuff of yours. Nobody needs to worry about being drowned amidst a huge number of soft boards because to your convenience, the boards are divided into different categories and subcategories to make it easy for anyone to reach the boards of their areas of interest.

The most different view that this social media site provides you with is an opportunity to follow pictures and images posted by people from different parts of the world no matter if you know the concerned person or not.

You can practically spend hours and hours looking at all the pinned stuff that interests you. You even have an option to pin stuffs on your own Pinterest board, and gain popularity and success.

The  scope and benefits of Pinterest is not restrained to mere funny things, it can also be used to advertise and publicize anything you want to – business, blogs, company products, websites etc.

Well, the odds in favour of this policy is directly proportional to the number of followers that you have on Pinterest.

Tips to Increase Pinterest Followers

I. Regular activity on Pinterest

The more you are active on Pinterest, the greater number of followers you get on Pinterest. The best way to do it is to login daily into Pinterest and comment on your friends’ latest pins.

Friends need not be your only option if you follow the pins from other people as well. In addition to this, you may also put up your own pins on your Pin board and expect to get new followers. If you are regularly active, you account stays prominent and eventually people develop an interest in your account.

II. Following people

Every single view of other person Pinterest is notified to them and this creates a very high opportunity to attract them to follow your account. Once they visit your account, the goodwill forces them to follow your account regularly which has become a highly visible trend in Pinterest.

III. Repining interesting stuff

A good deed is always repaid. If you repin other persons stuff and the popularity you gift them with would possibly urge him to do the same for you. They might even send some followers to your Pin board. You would want to be selective in repining the stuff as you do not want to pin uninteresting and boring stuff and ward the new followers away.

IV. Linking to social media

Pinterest allows you to increase the possibility of gaining popularity by allowing you to link your Pinterest account to your accounts on social networking sites and let your friends on these social networking sites to follow anything that you pin as they would continuously be notified about your activities on Pinterest.

V. Quality of your Pins

People only follow you if they like what you pin on your pin board. Hence, you would certainly want to post good quality images, which you think would interest other people. Another trick is to post about recent or the most popular topics on Pinterest.

Pinterest is growing progressively and could be used as a great source for the referral traffic for your blog. The above mentioned tips might help you in making best of the social networking website Pinterest.com.

This is not an exhaustive list for tips to be used for any social media sites, do share with us any tips which you would like to add and we would love to know the tricks that you use.

WordPress Themes for Different People – Developers and Users


Why is WordPress a great blogging platform? There are many reasons, out of which ease of use is probably the primary one. WordPress blog can be set up in a jiffy and someone with miniscule technical knowledge can get going.

In addition, the variety of themes and plug-ins makes this platform attractive. However, while selecting themes you must first decide whether you are developer or mere a user. What do I mean by this?

DIYThemes for WordPress - Thesis

Difference Between Theme and Theme Framework

To begin with, you must understand that all WordPress themes are built using php which means that you are allowed to modify, change and adapt a specific theme to your requirements.

Since php is easy to learn, many bloggers eventually learn to use it. I have been following the trend closely and find that blog owners usually have multiple blogs. In such circumstances, they either use the same theme or a variation. Buying a theme framework and then personalizing it makes sense.

Do you have to be a developer to use Theme framework?

By developer I mean having knowledge of the software. In the case of WordPress theme framework you must know php and MySql. A bit of Linux can do no harm.  At first, you may wonder if it’s possible to learn all this stuff. Let me assure you that you need to spend a bit of time and you can master the stuff. If you have some knowledge of these software you can easily opt for a Theme framework.

Genesis Theme Framework

Examples of WordPress Theme framework

Two WordPress theme frameworks immediately spring to my mind – Thesis and Genesis. Both are quite popular with the blogging community. I suppose the simplicity of frameworks combined with extensive documentation are main reasons for their popularity. If you plan to maintain many blogs, you will do well to choose any one of these Frameworks.

Another reason why these may be popular is because once you buy the framework, you can pay a nominal price to buy themes based on them. The overall cost of ownership goes down with this strategy. Moreover you can yourself tweak the code to create your own themes.

Who is a user?

You must remember that bloggers are expected to blog and not become software ninjas.  I know many blog owners who don’t want to go near any software, even by mistake. Why spend your time learning this stuff when you can easily buy themes? I agree with them. After all, your time is better spent writing content and promoting your blog rather than get bogged down by lines of code. You are better off blogging and leaving the messy bit to those who love to wade into the mechanics of code.


Ultimately it all depends on you. If you own a single blog, there is not much you need to think about. You can just pick up a theme, free or paid and get on with it. For bloggers who own multiple blogs, I would advise them to spend a little time thinking about purchasing a theme framework. This would save a considerable amount of time later when coming out with a new blog.

Disclaimer: The author has no commercial interest  in  either Genesis or Thesis framework .

This is a guest post by Victor Solovey.

The Benefits of Texting [Infographic]


Over time, text messaging has only earned bad reputation with analysts and experts who have always been raising concers that it ruins social interaction, writing skills and expression – not to mention it contributes to dangerous behaviour, like texting while driving.

On one hand, when it has some drawbacks, however, it has more benefits – it is a very convenient and cheap way to keep in touch with your loved ones. There are a lot of doctors and organizations that are finding new ways to improve people’s lives, with every passing day, a huge credit goes to the simple text message.

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It lists in detail how text messaging has been beneficial to people’s lives in various campaigns like Social Therapy, Sunscreen adherence, Curbing alcohol intake and Encouraging prenatal care. Also, text messaging is relatively inexpensive using which large number of people can be reached utilising fewer resources.

Here’s a look at the benefits of texting in the form of an infographic which brings forward some of the interesting facts around text messaging.


via [OnlineCollegeCourses]

If you like the infographic, do share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You might also like to move to our Infographics section for more interesting pieces of this sort.

New “Life Saving” Organ Donor Option by Facebook


Facebook is no doubt the biggest social networking website today that plays an important role in connecting people all across the globe. Since its beginning, Mark Zuckerberg, the brilliant CEO of Facebook has taken great endeavours to make the site one of the most popular and vast social networking platform. And recently he has taken a step ahead and unveiled for the first time, an organ donor option for Facebook Timeline.


Facebook Donor Option

The new organ donor option is an overwhelming effort made available on a social network platform that will prove to be of great help for the people who are really in need of any life-saving organ to be donated. The organ donor status is really an awesome move and a noble effort to save many precious lives around the world.

It has been estimated that more than 6300 people in US die annually while waiting for a donor organ, be it is heart or liver or kidney. Roughly around 18 people in the country lose their lives daily because of lack of donors.

In an interview, Zuckerberg stated that the idea of organ donation clicked in his mind after realizing the dreadful conditions of the people who faced last year’s disasters of earthquake and Tsunami and he thought to connect the needful people worldwide with the help of Facebook.

But in fact it was his friendship with Steve Jobs, Apple founder who died last year due to pancreatic cancer and his sudden death inspired Mark to start this noble project on Facebook. And the day when this new feature was introduced, an unexpected number of over 100,000 users registered themselves as organ donor on Facebook.

Not only this, several health organizations in the country praised this humanitarian step and decided to work hand in hand to serve the humanity.

How to Declare Yourself as Organ Donor on Facebook?

Declaring yourself as organ donor on Facebook is quite simple. All you have to do is to sign up into your Facebook timeline and then click on ‘Life Event’. Then click on ‘Health and Wellness’ and you will see an option for ‘Organ Donor’. Here you can add all your registration details and your personal story.

If you are not an organ donor, you will be given an appropriate registry link. You can also keep your organ donor status public or private as you do while entering other Timeline status.

This will help you to add your life event as an organ donor on Facebook profile and help the needy to search for a matching organ for transplantation.  So, with the help of this new organ donor option on Facebook, you can donate up to 100 body parts and that too with a few clicks.

Facebook Organ Donor Option

Thus, Mark’s sincere and noble efforts has enabled social network to serve humanity and now Facebook has evolved out as a bridge to connect organ donors and organ seekers. However, this new feature of organ donor is available in the US and UK regions as of now but soon it will get rolled out to other parts of the globe also.

What do you think about this new feature from Facebook – will this be helpful for a wider mass of people who are needy of vital organs?

How To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android Phone


The two most favorite brands in the cell phone market today, the iOS and Android have been providing the users with new things with each passing day. If the former one comes forward with the latest iPhone 5 in the coming months, Android is ready with its ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you now own an iPhone and have decided to make the move to your next smart phone powered by the new Android OS, then its time that you must know what you have to do to make your Android device compatible as well as serve your purpose. We have already covered ways to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone here and here. In this post, I am going to help you transfer all your data from your existing iPhone to an Android Phone.

Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android Phone

How to Copy Data from iPhone to Android Phone?

There are a few ways through which you can transfer all your data to the newly bought Android from your iPhone. But you have to be very selective in choosing the option for transferring your data from iPhone to the Android device.

Like, if you want to sync your audio and video files, you can go via the simplest way to have them transferred from your PC or laptop directly through the USB cable to your Android phone. There are many more ways that can be used for the transferring the data from the iPhone to the Android.

I. Use Gmail to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The Android device uses Gmail for various purposes. As the OS itself is made by Google, it surely has much functionality added to it. For using this method, you need to make sure that the default email client has been selected in the device.  This is anyways the first thing you need to do while you are setting up the newly purchased Android phone.

Next, you need to sync your iPhone to your PC with the iTunes. To transfer data from iPhone to Android, below are the steps you need to follow.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC using the USB cable
  • Open iTunes on your PC and select the Info tab
  • Check the ‘Sync Contact With’ option and from the drop down menu, select the ‘Google Contacts’ option
  • Go to Configure and enter your Google Username and Password
  • Your contacts will get moved to the Google account of yours, from where you can easily migrate your data to your Android phone.

II. CSV File Method to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Another method, though this one is a bit complicated, includes you to create a sync of your contacts with Windows and then with Google, and for this you need to create a CSV file. Below are the steps in this process:

  • Connect your iPhone or any other iOS Device via USB to your PC
  • Open iTunes, select your phone and click the Info tab
  • Check the ‘Sync Contacts with’ option and select ‘Windows Address book’ from the drop-down menu
  • Open the Windows Address book, where you can find all your contacts
  • Follow the steps, File -> Export -> Other Address Book and Select text file
  • Select a name for the CSV file and select the device
  • Go to your Google account and access the CSV file to upload it there
  • Once the import is done, just sync in your Android device with your Google contacts
  • Your contacts will now be available in your Android Powered Phone

III. Use Synkcontact to Transfer Data

This app is available for use in both the iPhone and Android devices. All you have to do is download the app on both the devices from here and install it. In your iPhone, open the app and upload your contacts. You will be provided with the name and password of the file uploaded.

Now, when you have installed and opened the app on your Android, you can easily download the file and merge it to your contact list by providing the name ad password of the file that you created on your iPhone.

IV. Transfer SMS from your iPhone to Android Phone

To have a back-up of your SMS and other messages, there isn’t any application from the house of Apple, thus you have to depend on some third party software. There are a few software available to do the same, in the market. You can download one from the SMS Export. Simply download the app and install it on your PC. Now, you need to have the same software on your iPhone from the App Store which is available at a price of $4.99. Get the back up of all your messages into a text file over your PC through this software.

Download the Android App ‘SMS Migrator’ from here and install it to your Android phone. Place the text file from the PC to the SD card of the Android and access the same over the app SMS Migrator. The app will do the rest of the work by providing you with the texts that you had over the iPhone.

For the rest of the stuff, you simply have to get them from the PC where they are already present in the iTunes library. Select and download them from the PC with the help of the USB cable. It is as simple as transferring media files to the pen drive or flash drive.

Android is though rumored to be strictly against the word Exchange, but if you know the right kind of procedure, you are on the move to have the back up from your iPhone of all the data present there.

We hope that this tutorial on how to transfer your iPhone data to Android helped you. If you still have any questions about the transfer when switching platforms from iOS to Android or vice versa, or are stuck in any of the steps mentioned above, drop us a note in the comments section below and we would be happy to help.

Win Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB – Giveaway #2


Update 17/06: This contest has now been closed and we are not accepting new entries into the raffle. Check out the winner here!

We are celebrating Technolism’s second birthday and here we come with another giveaway and this time it is even awesome than the last one.

Started in June 2010, Technolism will turn two this June, and if it wasn’t for you, our readers, we wouldn’t be there. Hence, we are organising this giveaway where in we are giving you a chance to win an iPod Shuffle 2GB totally free (no strings attached).

Sleek and durable, the iPod shuffle clips anywhere and lets you take hundreds of songs with you everywhere.

How To Win iPod Shuffle 2GB Giveaway

We have kept this contest very simple for you. All you need to do is just follow the steps mentioned in the below raffle and you could be the lucky winner. There are in total 11 entries that you can make into the Apple iPod Shuffle Giveaway.

If you are already subscribed to our blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email Newsletter, you have already made few of the entries and just need to confirm them below. To increase your chances of winning this sleek iPod from Apple, you can get more entries everyday by sharing on your Facebook Profile or Tweeting about this Giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway starts today and closes on 16 June 2012 and we will be announcing the winner on 17 June 2012. Best of Luck!

This is an international giveaway open to all and Winners will be announced by Rafflecopter (via Random.org). We will try to Ship the Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB to you through eBay, Amazon or any other International Online Store available in your country. In case still the product cannot be shipped to you, we will send you the equal amount of money to your Paypal Account. This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or Apple.

As we are celebrating Technolism’s second birthday, there are a lot more give-ways lined up to be won. So, stay tuned or subscribe to our Email newsletter to stay updated.

Ultrabook Buying Guide – Tips, Advice and Factors To Keep In Mind


Ultrabooks are getting more and more popular day by day. The reason behind is the portability and lightweight. Portability is however, the best and most admired feature of an Ultrabook although there are several other factors that must be considered before buying one. I have already shared with you a list of 16 best ultrabooks in the market from various brands which would help you in picking up the best one for you.

Ultrabooks - Which one to buy?
Ultrabooks - Thin and Light

It is not a wise decision to go to the store and buy just any Ultrabook; there are a few important features that you must ponder upon before taking a final decision. There are a few aspects which I value the most and I am mentioning them here hoping that they help you in taking the final decision whether to buy a Laptop, Notebook or an Ultrabook.

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What is an Ultrabook?

This editorial is specifically about Ultrabooks and so let me first tell you what an Ultrabook is? Ultrabooks are the futuristic, light weight, thin and portable Notebooks launched by Intel. These Notebooks are outfitted with high end graphics and features. These easy to carry thin Notebooks, are much loved by the techies.

Buying Guide for Ultrabooks, Notebooks or Laptops


If a Notebook is not portable; trust me it is not an Ultrabook. Before paying your hard earned money make sure that it is a thin, light weight and portable Ultrabook and not just a slimmer Netbook. Usually the Ultrabook weighs about 2.5-3 pounds.

Portability - A major aspect in selecting an Ultrabook
Portability - A major aspect in selecting an Ultrabook


Ultrabooks are featured with high end graphics and, thin and high quality display screens. You need to make sure the quality of the screen before making the final decision. Screen resolution of a good quality Ultrabook must be impressive with high end graphics.

Functionality speed

This is a very important feature to be checked in an Ultrabook. Make sure that the system you are buying has a good processor speed – most commonly used Intel powered processor is the Core i5/i7 from iSeries Ultrabooks.


Do not forget to check the rigidity of the Ultrabook before buying it. Try applying some pressure on the lid and you will know about the stringency of the exterior body material.

Is it getting heated up?

I know the Ultrabooks are very thin and light weight but that doesn’t mean it should have less capacity than any good Laptop. Before you finally buy it, check if it is getting heated up after working for 1-2 hrs.

Battery life

As you may be travelling around with your thin and light ultrabook, it makes sense to have a good battery backup. Ideally an Ultrabook works for 5 continuous hrs in a single charge, so check for the battery life for the Ultrabook you are paying for.


Touchpad in Toshiba Portege Ultrabook
Toshiba Portege Ultrabook

Never go for an Ultrabook with a touchpad without buttons. Usually makers give a button-less touchpad to offer sleekness but let me tell you that such touch pads are never comfortable to work with. Such touchpads are jumpy and also give a poor palm rejection. I like Toshiba Portege Ultrabook the most in this context as it is the one providing separate buttons along with the touchpad.

USB ports

Usually the makers give less USB ports to keep up the thin and sleek look of the Ultabook but if you ask me, I would never compromise with the USB port number or a SD card slot. I have seen a few Ultrabook which not even boast a SD card slot to make them look slimmer. I usually transfer my videos and pictures through the SD card so I would never buy such an Ultrabook. I use my Ultrabook for my personal use but if you are using it for business purpose you better check for the VGA port and an Ethernet port before buying it.

USB Ports in Ultrabooks
USB Ports in Ultrabooks

Above are some factors which I would look for in an Ultrabook before finalising it. I would love to know what features you consider while buying a Laptop, Notebook or an Ultrabook. We really appreciate your opinion which would also help the fellow readers.

The Subtle Difference Between Google Panda And Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin Updates

There seems to be a tsunami of Google attacks on unwary and unsuspecting blog and website owners. Those who have escaped the fury are a happy lot. Those who got mauled are wondering what hit them. Most people assume that the Panda is the culprit mainly because this update has been in the news. But many are unaware that the new Penguin update is more dangerous and ugly. Check out our earlier posts about the Google Penguin Web Spam Algorithm update below.


Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

The Good Old Google Panda Update

I call it good old Panda update because it has been around for some time now. Other than that there is nothing good about it. Google Panda update went after blogs and sites which provided poor quality content. There is a complex algorithm which calculates the quality of your content and it seems that it works well except in a few cases. Google says it’s worth sacrificing these blogs and sites for the larger good. The blog owners would tell you a different story. Anyways the last known Panda update was on 19 April 2012.

The remedy for escaping this update is to keep your site filled with great content. Another reason why you may have been victimized is because you participated in some link exchange or link network. It’s always good practice to get backlinks from reputed sites and not from link farms. If you already have links from doubtful places it’s time you purged your blog from them.

The New Google Penguin Update

This is the latest weapon which Google has launched on blogs and websites. Google Penguin Web Spam Algorithm update attacks all spammy sites and eliminates them from the search results. If you are smiling because you are confident that your blog doesn’t fall in this category, you might as well wipe that smile off from your face.

Many nice and excellent websites have been struck down by Google because they suspect that these are spammy. Even over optimized sites have fallen prey to Penguin. The worst is that Google will not consider re-indexing your site even if you prove that your site is genuine. This seems to be a new kind of nepotism about which you can do nothing except prey to your respective gods.

If you have escaped the wrath of Penguin, it’s still not time to sigh and sit back. You must actively reconsider all your content and SEO strategy. If you are a lover of SEO it’s time you fall out of love. It’s simple – either you kill the over optimized content or be killed. Go through your website or blog carefully. Find and erase all traces of optimization. Let your content look natural. You must forget about keyword density as well – 2% keyword density is now history. It’s the Title, keywords, positioning – everything which is coming under the Penguin scanner.


Google wants to make its search the best. In this endeavor, it’s going hammer and tongs in eliminating poor content. Google Panda and Penguin are attempts in this direction. As blog and site owners, we must either live with the updates or face consequences.

This is a guest post by Victor who is an online marketer who likes to share his views and experiences with fellow bloggers.